Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Child-proof Breakfast of Champions

One of the hardest things for me to adapt to as a first-time mother of a young child was being interrupted. Constant. Interruptions. While eating, pooping, talking, dressing, brushing teeth, cleaning, and of course, sleeping.

In nearly two years, I've learned not only to accept the repeated interruptions, but how to work with them.  In addition to finding new ways to cook and do laundry with my toddler, I've found a breakfast of champions that is interruption-proof. By interruption-proof I don't mean I don't get interrupted a hundred times while I'm eating it. I mean that it can withstand countless interruptions and still be enjoyable. Unlike a hot meal, granola, or cold cereal, this breakfast just gets better the longer it sits. Interruption-proof.

What's that, Munchkin? You spilled milk all over yourself and need a change of clothes? Oh, and you spilled it on all your cars, too? You peed on the floor again? Now you don't like that shirt and want a different one? Did the grapes get squished into the couch? And now you want something else to eat instead? No problem. I'll just take a quick bite then come back later for the rest of my Child-Proof Breakfast of Champions:

plain yogurt
honey (local honey is best if you have allergies)
fresh fruit (I prefer berries, bananas, or whatever is in season)
"Grape Nuts" cereal (I use a generic brand but I'm also trying to figure out how to make my own)

Put the yogurt in your bowl, then top with grape nuts. Drizzle honey over the grape nuts. Mix yogurt, cereal and honey well. Top with fruit. If you like crunchy, eat it up immediately. If you have a rogue child to tend to, go ahead. When you get back, the grape nuts will have softened a bit, but they will still have some good texture.

In my experience, granola doesn't have the same lasting quality as the gravelly grape nuts. Granola tends to just get soggy and I rarely enjoy it later on. This, breakfast, however, has gotten me through many hectic mornings. It also happens to be delicious, nutritious, and filling. It makes a great snack any time of day and Munchkin likes it, too.

Lunch, however....

Do you have any quick, easy, interruption-proof meals? Please share!

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