Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stay tuned

Gosh, I've missed writing here. I wish I could just jump right in and go, but I still have some constraints to work out. Soon, soon, I'll be back with more posts of substance. And posts of more substance J

In the meantime, I wanted to assure my readers that when I’m up and running again, you can expect more of what MaMammalia has offered in the past. I may take some bigger risks with my writing because, well, that’s how you get better at anything worth doing. I also have a few small changes in mind.

I’m planning to monetize my site again. Sadly, during my hiatus I lost my BlogHer support. I’ll be replacing it with AdSense, Amazon links, and hopefully a few affiliate ads. Eventually I’ll be back on board with BlogHer as well. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sell out. I won’t try to sell you anything and if I do I will be very up front about what’s in it for me. I’ll make sure there’s something in it for my readers, too!  A website plastered with ads is not a part of my vision. My priority is to write and to share my parenting journey with you, yet I would be a fool to pass up the opportunity to earn a few bucks along the way. Hopefully we won’t have to look at too many tampon ads in the process!

Finally, I’ve wanted to make some aesthetic changes to MaMammalia for a looong time. My blogging budget is exactly $0 so I’ll make do with what Blogger has to offer. As with anything else here, I’m open to feedback! If you show up on this page one day and it’s hot pink with turquoise font, rest assured that I just hit the wrong button while testing out different templates. Not that I’m opposed to those colors, I just prefer a muted look. If only blogging were just research and writing!

Alrighty then. Thanks for standing by, everyone. Stay tuned…


  1. Yay! It's you! I can't wait until your official return. The blogsphere is not the same without you. Love and light to you mama!

  2. Aw, thanks, Jennifer! I've missed this virtual community so much and so happy to know you're out there in it.