Thursday, March 17, 2011

List of Attachment Parenting Principles

I think it's useful for AP advocates, opponents, and the uninformed to return to this list of Attachment Parenting (AP) principles on a regular basis. I won't review these principles in depth here. I have just listed them to serve as gentle reminders and to pique interest.

API's 8 Principles of Attachment Parenting
1.       Prepare for pregnancy, birth, and childbirth
2.       Feed with love and respect
3.       Respond with sensitivity
4.       Use nurturing touch
5.       Ensure safe sleep, physically and emotionally
6.       Provide consistent and loving care
7.       Practice positive discipline
8.       Strive for balance in personal and family life

 Dr. Sears's Interpretation of the 8 AP Principles: The 7 Baby B's
1.       Birth bonding
2.       Breastfeeding
3.       Babywearing
4.       Bedding close to baby
5.       Belief in the language value of your baby's cry
6.       Beware of baby trainers
7.       Balance
      Dr. Sears also notes that AP is...
       ·         a starter style
       ·         an approach, rather than a strict set of rules
       ·         responsive parenting
       ·         a tool

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